Auto Accident Injuries

Providing Natural Healing for Auto Accident Injuries

After an auto accident occurs, you may have a variety of injuries including sprain/strains, injuries to the spine, dizziness, whiplash or extremity injuries. Many car accident injuries are treated with pain medications and invasive surgery. This approach requires many months of recovery and can even lead to an addiction to pain medications.

Chiropractic care provides natural healing to patients without surgery. Whether you’re suffering from a back or neck injury, we can help. We do provide medical care and medications if needed, but our goal is to keep medications at a minimum.

Chiropractic Care And The Road To Recovery

We use non-invasive modalities like stretches and exercises, chiropractic manipulation and massage therapy to help patients on the road to recovery. Our treatments help improve circulation and promotes healing throughout the body. Chiropractic manipulation helps reduce pressure on the spinal cord to speed the healing process, improve range of motion and reduce pain.

Often, patients come to Fields Chiropractic hoping for a natural alternative to surgery. Frequently, we are able to help patients heal so they no longer require surgery. In the first visit to the office, we start with a consultation and discussion of rehabilitation goals. Each subsequent visit involves an evaluation of progress.

Why Contact Fields Chiropractic?

We’re here for our patients! We’re known for over 35 years of exceptional care, excellent customer service and wide range of chiropractic services. Our state of the art equipment enables us to meet the needs of our patients efficiently and with compassion.

Our care team includes two professionals with advanced practice degrees in nursing which enables them to practice as family nurse practitioners. This enables us to provide an extra level of medical care not offered by other chiropractic offices. Many of our auto injury patients find that their expertise is especially helpful.

After an accident, it can be hard to get a follow up appointment with a primary care physician, even after an ER visit. Doctors’ offices may be booked for weeks, but we can fit people in the following day. If you’ve been involved in a car accident in Lexington or Columbia South Carolina, don’t wait. Call us today for an appointment.