DOT Physicals

Individuals who drive commercial motor vehicles are required by federal law to receive regular health checkups known as Department of Transportation Medical Examinations. Better known as DOT physicals, this is a vital part of a driver’s Commercial Motor Vehicle Certification process. So, whether you’ve landed a new driving job or need a DOT physical to renew certification fast, we can often help with next day appointments at Fields Chiropractic.

What is the Purpose of a DOT Physical?


Commercial driving requires sharp mental acumen and physical health, so drivers undergo this annual exam to ensure employers that they are fit to hit the road. Not only does this protect drivers, but it helps keep others on the road safe.

Therefore, DOT physicals are performed to detect any type of emotional, mental or physical issues that could potentially impact a driver’s ability to perform their duties or handle long hours. Because of the intense regulations concerning the health of commercial drivers, only certified medical examiners can perform Department of Transportation physicals.

What to Expect During a DOT Medical Exam

First, there’s no need to refrain from eating or drinking prior to the exam. Upon arrival, you will fill out a few forms and then meet with a certified medical examiner on our team. If you take medications or have current health concerns, we may ask you for additional information and/or documentation such as dosage amounts and prescribing doctor’s information. DOT exams include a vision evaluation, so if you wear glasses or corrective contacts bring them with you.

We will also check your blood pressure and pulse and overall physical ability. Also, a hearing exam is performed, so if you use a hearing device please bring it with you. Another aspect of the examination includes an illegal drug screening. Exam results are electronically reported to the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners and drivers who pass the physical will receive a copy of their certificate.

Need a DOT Medical Examination?

If you need a DOT physical in or around Columbia SC, there’s no easier way to obtain one than by visiting the experienced chiropractors and the team at Fields Chiropractic. With our state-of-the-art equipment and attentive staff, we can likely see you the next day! Call 803- 787-7050 to schedule an appointment today.